History of Calvin Christian Reformed Church

Calvin Church was organized on February 13,1958 with a total of 32 families, including 70 professing members, and 147 baptized members. Some of those are still with us. Deacon George Riemersma is the only living member of the first Church Council. The others were Martin Bruinooge, Edward Gabriekse, Ralph Katt, and William Leys. Jacob Otte was the other deacon. The Articles of Incorporation were drawn up and notarized by Atty. Alex Hopp. The new "Calvin" was chosen by ballot and the Wisconsin Classis was notified of the organization of the new fellowship. The first worship service was held at the Y.M.C.A on March 9,1958. Pastors were supplied by the Classis and Rev. John Byker of Waupun was the guest pastor at that time.

Since they had no church building of their own, the new Calvin members were welcome to continue attending Catechism Classes, Sunday School, and Societies at First Church. However, they decided to organize a Mr. and Mrs. Club which met on the second and fourth Wednesday of each month at 8:00 PM. The group met for one hour of Bible study followed by a social hour with refreshments. Mr. & Mrs. Gorge Riemersma, Mr. & Mrs. Henry Klien-Wassink, Mr. & Mrs. Robert Katt, and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Dekker were appointed to organize the club.

The church then started their search for a permanent meeting place. Plans were shown for a new building for the price of $16,000 but this was deemed not feasible at the time. It was then reported that the former Zion Reformed Church building on the corner of North 6th Street and Erie Avenue was for sale. The building was purchased for $10,800 on March 28, 1958. The first service was held in the new building on Good Friday, April 4 and the first Sunday services were held on Easter Sunday, April 6.

On March 19th the congregation met and voted to call Rev. Dirk Aardsma to be their first pastor. In April, a parsonage was purchased at 2421 N. 10th Street for $15,000. Rev. Aardsma accepted the call, was installed as Calvin's pastor on May 22, and his duties began. At the end of 1958 Calvin's members had grown to 44 families.

Pastor Aardsma was followed by Rev. Leonard Stockmeier in 1963. Rev, Harlan Vanden Einde in 1968, and Rev. Bert DeJong in 1974. As the congregation continued to grow, their home on 6th and Erie seemed to get smaller. There was limited space for Sunday School rooms and no off-street parking. in 1979 it was decided to purchase land on N. 23rd and Saemann Avenue and construct a new church building. Rev. Gearld Rutgers was called in 1983, Rev. Steve Alsum in 1989, and Pastor Sizemore in 1999. After more growth and need for more meeting space, the original part of the building was added on to in 2006.

God has blessed the congregation of families known as Calvin Christian Reformed Church. He has equipped us with pastors faithful to his word, with leaders committed to his service, and with members gifted with a variety of talents and abilities. We owe it all to him: "to Him be the glory."  (2 Peter 3:18)